New Autopilot for Archer

Just because the Presidential TFR had the runway closed for a week or so doesn't mean we weren't working.  Our Avionics Shop installed a GFC-500 autopilot and two G-5 PFD units in N814TW.  This new 3-axis autopilot provides a flight director, overspeed/underspeed protection, a wing level option, and coupled instrument approaches.  Get on the schedule, try


August 23rd, 2018|

What YOU Can Do About the TFRs

Tell your congressman or senator you support common sense reform to mitigate the burden of Presidential TFRs. You support legislation extending the "Maryland-Three" rules to any airport under a recurring Presidential TFRs. Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC) and the New Jersey Aviation Association (NJAA) recently sent letters to the 270 Congressmen and Senators that comprise the


July 26th, 2018|

Introducing Ultra Service

...As in charter flights in a 2018 Mooney Ovation Ultra!  Somerset Air Service is proud to introduce Part 135 Air Charter with the most modern single in the skies, the two-door Mooney Ultra.  Equipped with TKS for flight in known icing conditions, this is an all weather option for your travel needs.  Contact us today


May 8th, 2018|