Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Lou Rehr’s birth

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Lou Rehr's birth. Lou was the real deal: a decorated WWII hero, flying the Marauder, a successful businessman, charter pilot, instructor, and FAA Designated Examiner. Lou was a fixture at Somerset Airport for may years and we still remember him fondly. We thank his (child)bride Carleton for sharing some pictures


February 12th, 2019|

New Cherokee Available to Fly!

We are pleased to announce the purchase of another Piper Cherokee (PA-28-140) to our fleet.  The brings us back up to 3 Cherokees, 2 Archers and the Arrow.  It is a low time 1977 model, very clean and well equipped, in keeping with the rest of our fleet.  It still sports the 150 HP engine, but we


December 10th, 2018|

Jack Elliott Passes

New Jersey Aviation lost a legend on November 20th. Jack Elliott, author of "Adventures in Aviation" and the long-time Star-Ledger columnist (Wings Over Jersey) passed away this afternoon with his wife, Esta-Ann and family by his side. Jack kept his beloved Arrow at SMQ for many years, later at Alexandria. He was a tireless advocate


November 26th, 2018|