TFR 19-21 July 2019–Times Announced!

The second Presidential TFR for the season has been announced for 19-21 July 2019.  Begins Friday July 19 at 2000Z/1630L, and ends on Sunday July 21 at 2030Z/1630L.  There is an adjoining TFR for Morristown.   As always, consult FSS and the FAA website (tfr.faa.gov) before you fly.  

June 27th, 2019|

Sign Online Petition to Fix TFR Issue

Please participate in the solution for Presidential TFRs by signing a non-partisan online petition from ipetitions.com. North Jersey and Central Florida are bearing a tremendous burden when the President visits his golf courses. Private aviation and the airports that serve pilots are severely impaired by forced closure. I support legislation extending the ‘Maryland-Three’ rules to airports


August 23rd, 2018|

What YOU Can Do About the TFRs

Tell your congressman or senator you support common sense reform to mitigate the burden of Presidential TFRs. You support legislation extending the "Maryland-Three" rules to any airport under a recurring Presidential TFRs. Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC) and the New Jersey Aviation Association (NJAA) recently sent letters to the 270 Congressmen and Senators that comprise the


July 26th, 2018|