Redbird Trainer at SMQ

Weather too poor to fly today?  No problem!  We now have a Redbird TD2 training device with all the bells and whistles.  It emulates a Cessna 172 or 182(RG) with steam gauges with an autopilot, Garmin 530 (clone), VOR, DME, and ADF (for us older folks).  Good for learning the basics of slow flight, spins,


January 16th, 2020|

Weekly Evening Ground School Series

CFIs Michael Kutch and Anthony Nicodemo will be hosting a series of Ground School Seminars every Tuesday beginning December 3d at the conference room at Somerset Airport (back of main office).  Class will run from 7-9 pm.  There are 8 subjects that will repeat every two months, so if you miss a lesson, it will


November 24th, 2019|

Sign Online Petition to Fix TFR Issue

Please participate in the solution for Presidential TFRs by signing a non-partisan online petition from ipetitions.com. North Jersey and Central Florida are bearing a tremendous burden when the President visits his golf courses. Private aviation and the airports that serve pilots are severely impaired by forced closure. I support legislation extending the ‘Maryland-Three’ rules to airports


August 23rd, 2018|