The Charter Advantage!

-Leave when YOU want–you are the only passenger, so we tailor our flight to your schedule

-No lines at the airport–depart within 10 minutes of arrival at the airport

-Get to YOUR destination–From Virginia to Ohio to Maine there are over 500 general aviation airports within reach of a two hour flight from home.

-Safety is paramount–We have provided accident-free charter service to the public for more than 60 years, our crews are trained to the highest standard and our aircraft are extremely well maintained.

Our Aircraft

1982 Piper Navajo Chieftain–a cabin class twin that can carry up to 7 passengers and a significant amount of baggage including outsize items like skis and golf clubs.  The cabin boasts fold out tables so you can work and or enjoy a meal.  Range is just more than 3 hours, which takes you non-stop to Maine, Ohio or the Carolinas.

2018 Mooney Ovation Ultra-the most modern single engine aircraft in the skies today.  The Ovation Ultra is perfectly suited for one or two passengers and modest bags for that short trip.  Maine to Ohio to North Carolina are within a two-hour flight.  Need to get to a meeting for the day, the Ovation can get you there quickly and home for dinner.

Banking Away

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