4 May 2020 The FAA announced special temporary rules changes in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated risks that have prevented pilots from maintaining currency requirements.

The Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) can be found at:


Effective date: through 31 Mar 2021

Agriculture or Charity Flights by Private Pilots

Pilots eligible:  Operations that require a commercial pilot certificate or:

Private pilots with at least 500 hours/400 hours PIC/50 hour in last 12 months

Private pilot who exercise these exemptions are limited to:

  • Flights incidental to business or employment
  • Flights supporting family medical needs or transporting essential goods for personal use.
  • Flights to transport essential goods or medical supplies to support public health needs
  • Flights necessary to move an aircraft to a location in order to meet a requirement of this chapter

Flight Review:  If your Flight Review 24 months expired in March to June of 2020 the FAA has extended your due date by 3 calendar months.

-If the pilot has logged 10 hour PIC in the previous 12 calendar months AND

-Pilot completes 3 WINGS credits of the FAA Safety Team online courses

IPC:  The 6 month instrument currency requirements are extended by an additional 3 calendar months IF:

-in the preceding 6 months, the pilot has logged 3 instrument approached in actual or simulated (hood) weather or conditions.

Written (knowledge) test:  Knowledge tests expiring between March -June 2020 are extended by 3 calendar months.  If taking a check ride, simply show your knowledge test certificate and it will be considered extended, not need for waiver paperwork.

Drone (Part 107) Recurrent Test:  Instead of the 24 month recurrent knowledge test, certificate holders may complete online training (at www.faasafety.gov) for a one-time 6-month extension before taking the recency requirements.

Medical Exams:  Medical certificates that expire from 31 March through 31 May 2020 will remain valid to 30 June 2020.