The aviation media has picked up our call to get the FAA to address the Presidential TFR Issue.

In 2018 Congress mandated that the FAA address the proposal to extend the Maryland Three (MD-3) Rules to any airport under a recurring Presidential TFR.  These rules allow pilots to have access to their home airport if it is under a TFR so long as they pass a background check, use an assigned PIN, and properly file a flight plan for departure and arrival.  This screening process has been successful for nearly 20 years for College Park MD and two other airports inside the Washington DC FRZ.

In the FAA Reorganization Act of 2018 the FAA had to complete a report after studying the feasibility of extending these rules no later than 1 Oct 2019….Nearly ONE YEAR LATER–NO REPORT!

Why has the FAA defied Congress?  Do they hope the problem will go away after the November election?

It will not; should VP Biden be elected, three more airports near his Delaware residence (New Garden PA, Spitfire NJ, and New Castle DE/ILG) will be in the 10 mile ring and more than 350 aircraft will be grounded.  Same problem–new victims.  This is not political, it does not matter who is elected this fall, General Aviation needs a solution.

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