CFIs Michael Kutch and Anthony Nicodemo will be hosting a series of Ground School Seminars every Tuesday beginning December 3d at the conference room at Somerset Airport (back of main office).  Class will run from 7-9 pm.  There are 8 subjects that will repeat every two months, so if you miss a lesson, it will come back around soon.

Topics include:

1-Aircraft Performance and Weight & Balance (3 Dec, 11 Feb)

2-Airplane Instruments, Engines & Systems (10 Dec)

3-Aeromedical Factors, & Aeronautical Decision Making  (17 Dec)

4-Aerodynamics (7 Jan)

5-Aiports, ATC, Airspace and FARs (14 Jan)

6-Weather (21 Jan)

7-Navigation Charts, Publications, Fight Computers and Navigation Systems (28 Jan)

8-Cross Country Flight Planning, Flight Operations and Weather Reporting (4 Feb)

If you are a student pilot working on your private, commercial or CFI ratings, or just somebody interested in knocking off some “rust”, expect the seminars to boost your knowledge in a friendly and structures environment, that also allows interaction with the instructors.  Our room is small, so space is limited, but that also means some personal interaction with the instructors.  Instructors will provide you with a logbook entry following class.

Cost is $75 per session, less than a two hour ground school session with an individual instructor.  Call the office to reserve a seat.  Walk-ins welcome, if seating is available.